Day 5 Tour Blog for the Special “Experience Slovenia sustainably” – with the Polestar

Drive to the nature park (salt works), guided tour of the salt works, while loading the Polestar.

This time we were on time. We plugged the charging cable into the charging station, right at the entrance to the park, and then started at 8.30 a.m. with the individual guided tour of the salt pans. The area of the Sečoveljske soline Nature Park covers 750 ha. We crossed the northern part, where active salt extraction takes place. Our knowledgeable guide told us during the walk about the history of salt extraction, starting from the Middle Ages to the present time, the current changes and problems, as well as the technical details of salt extraction in the present nature park area, also called Lera. This area is divided into segments for the crystallisation of the sea salt and the area where the sea water thickens. Habitats of plants and partly rare animal species, salt fields with different salt concentrations, saline channels and dam constructions alternate. The network of channels has to fulfil different functions. On the one hand, to regulate the inflow of sea water, to ensure the drainage of rainwater and used water, and on the other hand, to serve as a transport route for boats.

The nature park combines nature conservation, economic and cultural tasks, always under the premise of protecting the existing biodiversity and preserving the uniqueness of this ecosystem, which is used by many people.

Charging station: Docking and then into the fun. In this case, it was the informative and friendly guided tour through the saline landscape.

Impressions of the saltworks landscape with working tools, shelters, salt basins and sales room for the entire range of salt products.

Visit to the Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa

The Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa is located in the northern part of the nature park in the middle of the salt fields. Salt mud and brine are the ingredients of the thalasso therapies. The constant winds such as the bora or the mistral, for which the locals have their own names, facilitate therapy in the open terrain and alleviate the feeling of heat in strong sunlight. Thalasso therapy strengthens the immune system and general well-being. Recommended for mind and body.

Kneipp baths in 15 degree cold water and “swimming up” in the salt water pool with 36 % salt content: literally a rollercoaster of emotions. And then, to wake up, into the large swimming pool.

More about this soon in the “Slovenia Special” of Touremo Online magazine.

Continue to Piran to the Tri Vdove Inn

A table had been reserved for us at Tri Vdove in Piran at 1 pm. Both the town of Piran and the reception and the fantastic menu by Pietro, the restaurant’s patron, were to surprise us anew. But first we had to park the car in the car park outside the town and then take the free shuttle bus to the centre of Piran. A sympathetic solution that fits so well with our Touremo online magazine with the motto THE MAGAZINE FOR ELECTRIC MOTOR AND SUSTAINABLE ENJOYMENT. There are probably very few bus stops with this flair. A model for similar tourist strongholds all over the world.

Bus with stop directly at the sea
On the way to the restaurant
Warm welcome by Pietro
Sea bass baked in a salt crust… No words.

After a warm farewell from them, we wanted to explore the centre and capture as many impressions as possible of this gem on the Slovenian Adriatic. Get inspired for your next holiday in Slovenia….boat harbour, market square, view from the church tower to the market square of Piran, rooftop perspective, shooting star, Pat and Patachon.

Impressions of Piran

Continue to Ljubliana to the Zlata ladjica Boutique Hotel

Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia, is waiting for us. Let’s go when it’s at its best… We’ve been able to say that several times now.

The refreshing side effect of our Slovenia tour with our powerful Black Horse is the relaxed driving itself. Driving with only the right foot in one-pedal mode, even in cruise control for longer distances, is simply extremely relaxing. At no time did we experience stress while driving and the brake pedal was rarely used. And then to see and feel how the recuperation has a positive effect on the range. The feeling of making progress with intelligent technology is a mild top on the already good mood. If Hermann Hesse had been touring in our place, he could have written his poem “Stufen” (Stairs) in Slovenia, especially the line: “Und jeder Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben” (And there is a magic in every beginning that protects us and helps us to live).

In Ljubliana we will meet a good friend, born in Nagold, living in Ljubliana, and in charge of the Adriatic region for a well-known German medium-sized company. He has already been very supportive in the preparation of the tour, as have the two German and Slovenian agencies who translated our wishes into feasible destinations and were responsible for all the planning. We are looking forward to the reunion and the personal tour of Ljubliana. We will only be able to explore Ljubliana for a few hours. Tommy (his stage name) will accompany us until the end of our tour. It makes a lot of things easier if you speak the language, in all respects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hannah Fritsche from the PR agency Uschi Liebl, her Slovenian colleague Andrea Knific and Tommy.

After check-in at the Zlata ladjica Boutique Hotel directly opposite the castle, Tommy surprised us with an invitation to his friend’s wooden boat, which will soon be electric. An enrichment for the city river Ljublianca and green city tourism. In 2016, Ljubljana was awarded the title of European Green Capital. In 2015, Ljubljana received the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow award. More about Ljubliana in the special “Experience Slovenia sustainably”.

Wooden boat
Impressions of the castle courtyard
We ended day 5 with a trip up to the castle and dinner with our friends.

Text: Elmar Thomassek
Pictures: Lutz Dürichen

Destinations: Naturpark Salinen Secoveljske – Piran – Ljubliana

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