e-Ludix, the urban fun streamer

In 1898, Automobiles & Cycles Peugeot presented the first motorbike at the Bicycle and Automobile Exhibition in Paris, becoming the first and still the oldest manufacturer of motorised two-wheelers. Peugeot later also took a unique position in the electric scooter market when it introduced the “Scoot’elec” model in 1996.

The pioneer of two-wheeled electric mobility is now consistently continuing its path in the e-scooter segment with the e-Ludix, now its fourth electric model.

Positive market environment

Those responsible for the Peugeot Motocycles brand, which is now owned by the Indian vehicle manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, have set themselves high goals. They assume that the market for e-scooters in the 45 km/h class will soon develop dynamically and that sales of electric scooters will probably account for about 20% of turnover this year. The reasons given for this optimism are the social trend towards “ecological driving” and the significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to petrol scooters. In addition, some countries and regions are already promoting two-wheeled e-mobility as well by providing subsidies for the purchase of e-scooters or mopeds.

The most important, (purchase) deciding factor, however, remains the quality and attractiveness of the respective product. To get a first impression of this in the case of the new e-Ludix, we took the opportunity for a short test drive at the Peugeot eDrive event on 11 August in the Bergisches Land.

Independent design

Before the first “ride”, we took a look at the exterior of the almost graceful-looking light scooter. The design is praised by the manufacturer as a new interpretation of its older brother, the Peugeot Ludix from the 2000s. The e-Lunix “presents itself entirely in “revival” mode – in a modern form and timeless design”, they say. The fact is that Peugeot’s designers have succeeded in creating a model that stands out from the usual uniformity of most e-scooters. There are basically two groups of these: Retro scooters mostly quote the classic Vespa style. In addition, models with a sleeker but uniform look dominate, with the same or at least similar beak-like front sections. Asian monotony “off the peg”, which in many cases is only individually branded for the respective supplier.

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The e-Ludix is available in four colour variants

Coherent technology package

It can already be said that the overall technical concept is convincing. The complete drive system, consisting of battery, motor, control unit, LCD display and 12V converter, comes from a single supplier, Bosch. This not only indicates high quality, but also optimal coordination of the individual components.

Four riding modes can be controlled via the display, whereby the dynamic “Boost” mode naturally has the greatest fun factor, but of course also quickly “drains” the battery. This is not the case with the “Eco” setting, with which a range of 50 kilometres can be achieved. Not too much, but quite sufficient for average city trips. A compromise between performance and range is offered by the “Cruise” mode, which will probably be the preferred standard setting. The e-Ludix can be parked comfortably thanks to a “manoeuvring” mode that assists both forwards and backwards at 2 km/h.

Easy to handle thanks to carrying strap, the 1.5 kWh battery

Important feature: the removable battery pack

Unlike e-bikes, some e-scooters do not allow the batteries to be removed and conveniently recharged at home. This often proves to be a decisive obstacle to purchase, especially in urban areas, the preferred area of use for scooters. If you do not live in your own home and can charge your two-wheeled electric scooter in the garage, for example, you are unlikely to lay a long charging cable on the pavement from the window of your flat…

Thanks to its removable lithium-ion battery, which is relatively light at 11 kg, the e-Ludix can also appeal to residents of rented flats and thus considerably expand its buyer potential. With an external charger, the battery can be charged to 80% within three hours at any standard socket.


On a short round in the hilly surroundings of the event location, the smart lightweight (88 kg) made a positive first impression. The e-Ludix proved to be agile and easy to steer. The fact that it ran out of breath on the uphill section is not a major drawback, as the “natural habitats” of the Stromer are primarily urban areas.

Ready for the trip to the Bergisches Land

In our longer and more detailed test of the e-scooter over two weeks, the first impressions were later confirmed. Those members of the editorial team who used the e-scooter for their commute to work found it hard to part with it in the end. This was also because the journey times through the “urban jungle” could be considerably reduced with the agile “traffic jam driver”…

The e-Ludix is available at a price of €3,410 including VAT. This is quite a steep price for a small scooter. But the maintenance and usage costs are lower than for a combustion engine. And the fun factor is many times higher.


Text: Peter Grett
Pictures: Lead: Robert Krämer, last picture below: Peter Grett, all other pictures: Peugeot Motocycles

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