e-trip to Split (Croatia)

  • Ingolstadt – Split (Croatia)
  • Route via Austria – Kranica – Zadar
  • Vehicle: Audi Q 4 e-tron
  • Report: Mirella Sidro
  • Travel time:

Since it makes no sense to make the trip to the Adriatic pearl Split in Croatia, about 1000 kilometers away, in one go because of the necessary loading stops, I planned a stopover with an overnight stay in Istria, 600 kilometers away.

Charging shortly before Austria at a Fastcharger from 20% to 100%. After 45 minutes, we continued.

I was legally whizzing along the Austrian autobahn at 130 km/h, even though the traffic signs indicate a limit of 100 km/h. However, this environmental limit recently only applies to combustion engines and hybrids. With navigation and active cruise control, the adaptive driving assistant intervenes. The compact SUV now drives almost by itself. Starting, braking, cruise control.

After almost eight hours I reached my first destination in Istria, the beautiful Villa Ottocento in Krasnica. Pure relaxation from the stress of travel in a perfect retreat. A private wellness area and cinema room are also located in the old walls – boredom did not arise here in any case.

Nearby is the Clay organic winery. Tom, the manager showed me a high-voltage connection and mentioned that the owner will soon have wallboxes installed for the guests. The winery is 200 meters above sea level is quite small with its ten hectares of vineyards. Organic red and white wines are grown on them. Especially the regional and old varieties Pjenusac and Malvazija are always quickly sold out.

After Split, there were still 491 kilometers. According to my calculations, charging was required once before reaching Split. There are several charging stations along the Croatian highway, but hardly any Hyperchargers. One has to be content with a maximum of 50 kWh. Even if the battery lasts until the destination after a charging stop – lunch in the coastal city of Zadar is worth a longer (charging) break. The old Roman city has several AC charging stations in the old town. And I was even lucky, because no one occupied the e-parking spaces. 

Overnight stay in Villa Bliss, located on a hill just outside Split in the historic coastal town of Kastela. Great view of the bay of Split, which is only 15 kilometers away.

I wanted to have breakfast in the old town of Split at the famous Riva pedestrian zone. The Navi shows me only a few charging stations. I let me navigate to the nearest DC charging station, which is located near the old town. Arrived at the point, there is no charging station. The same thing happens on the second try. I now use the app ABRP, which shows me more charging columns. However, the DC pillar was a bit further away from the old town. Welcome to the charging hell in Split! It was 36 degrees Celsius and in brutal traffic. After about half an hour of driving, the pillar was reached, but all the spots were taken. I gave up and out of town to the Porsche Center in the industrial area and charged the Q4 there for about half an hour. The employee had one more tip up his sleeve and told me “Plugshare,” another app for charging stations that works very well in these latitudes. So I then jumped back and forth between three apps and the e-tron route planner to find the ideal charging station in the city. 

Split is a true Adriatic pearl, but unfortunately also a loading hell.


  • The 100 km/h limit on Austrian highways does not apply to electric-only vehicles, which are still allowed to drive at 130 km/h.
  • Villa Ottocento in Krasnica is a beautiful domicile, although not cheap
  • Recommendable: organic winery Clay with loading possibility for guests
  • Ancient Roman coastal city of Zadar with several AC charging stations in the old town
  • The Audi Q4 e-tron is a comfortable touring electric car
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