Let’s get away from the loading desert – with the ELMOTO KICK

The Munich-based electric scooter manufacturer GOVECS, producer of the well-known E-Schwalbe, also addresses a special target group with its new e-scooter “ELMOTO KICK”, namely e-car drivers. A good idea.

Every e-driver knows the problem well: many chargers are not exactly in attractive locations that make it enjoyable or at least bearable to linger during the charging time. Often the only option – especially at fast chargers – is to eat fast food or just sit in the car. At best, charging points are located at petrol stations with connected gastronomy, whose offer and ambience is not to everyone’s liking either. The next café or pub is too far for a walk, so it makes sense to explore the surroundings in a compact vehicle that can easily be stored in the boot. Like the foldable ELMOTO KICK e-scooter that we have just presented.

Smarte Features

Once at the charging station, the 19 kg e-scooter is unfolded with just one flick of the wrist. Despite the corresponding mechanism, the scooter is robust and the frame is built particularly sturdy.

The scooter can be unfolded in one easy step

It is started by pressing a button on the remote control supplied. Otherwise, everything works as usual in this product group: stand on the non-slip footboard, push briefly, press the accelerator and start. After a short time, the top speed of 20 km/h is reached. Thanks to the extra-high handlebars, cruising is comfortable even for taller riders. Further comfort is provided by the large air-filled tyres, which also cushion bumps in the ground. Hybrid disc brakes make the ELMOTO KICK stand securely and in the dark the LED lights illuminate the way. When the scooter is parked for a short time, the alarm system can be activated via the remote control: If the scooter is moved, an acoustic signal sounds and the tyres lock.

Special, environmentally friendly battery system

The biggest special feature of the ELMOTO KICK is the special battery system: the e-scooter is powered by two Power X-Change batteries from Einhell. The battery system is multifunctional; the same batteries can be used to power over 170 other devices from the German tool manufacturer. This is not only practical, but also sustainable: GOVECS wants to contribute to reducing the number of rechargeable batteries in circulation. In addition, all CO2 emissions generated during production and logistics are offset together with ClimatePartner. To this end, GOVECS invests in three climate protection projects that promote the expansion of renewable energies in developing countries. Thanks to the system with the removable batteries, the range of 20 km can also be flexibly extended: two batteries weigh just under 2 kg and fit in any backpack!

The multifunctional battery system from Einhell can be used in many devices

Three colours at a reduced price

The ELMOTO KICK is available in red, black and blue. To save resources, the compatible batteries are not supplied as standard – after all, customers may already own the batteries. The ELMOTO KICK without battery pack is currently available in the online shop for €649 instead of the regular €790. With the battery pack, which consists of two Power X-Change batteries and the matching Twincharger, the Kickscooter now costs €799 instead of €977.

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Text: Gerhard Heilmaier
Pictures GOVECS

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