Upcycling at deuter – a Bavarian brand turns waste material into new backpacks

German backpack manufacturer deuter presents its first ever upcycling project: All items from its new “INFINITI bag” series consist exclusively of residual materials from the main production. Moreover, the company has promised to donate ten percent to the non-profit organisation 1% for the planet for each product sold from the collection.

Sustainability is an essential priority for deuter. Back in 2011, the market leader for backpacks in German-speaking countries introduced a “Corporate Responsibility” department that engages with issues such as working conditions an environmental protection. In addition, deuter was awarded with the sustainability seal “bluesign” and holds memberships in the “Fair Wear Foundation” as well as the “Alliance for Sustainable Textiles”.

Upcycling instead of disposal

In a recent press release, deuter presented its latest sustainability project, the new backpack collection called “INFINITY”, which consists entirely of excess material from its domestic production that’s normally just thrown away. The collection is thus based on the concept of “upcycling” – a more sustainable manufacturing method to prevent wasting useful materials by making use of existing ones.

Fabric that could cover five football pitches

The INFINITI backpacks are a colourful collection of individual, unique items that consist of 24,000 metres of residual material in total – a surface area comparable to that of five football pitches. According to deuter, the INFINITI series offers versatile sports bags, daypacks, pannier bags and much more. Probably the item with the greatest sustainable contribution might be the INFINITY Dirtbag – it’s a pouch for hikers to collect litter and transport it safely to the next trash can.

deuter states the idea to reuse waste material came from its production team around Gertraud Wildmoser. According to her, the INFINITY series is currently limited for its future depends on its market compatibility and the general availability of raw materials. Nevertheless, she says she would like to see the series continued in order to provide “a sustainable answer to the existing challenge of material consumption and waste utilisation”.

10% for the planet

In its press release, the Bavarian backpack manufacturer also announces a collaboration with 1% for the planet. The non-profit-organisation represents a global network of companies, individual actors and non-profit associations which monitor environmental organisations, their projects and their funds to ensure their donation money is used appropriately and can have the greatest possible impact. For every INFINITY product sold, deuter has promised to donate ten percent to 1% for the planet. According to Gertraud Wildmoser, it had been the company’s desire for a more sustainable development that created both the concept for the INFINITY bag series as well as the funding partnership with the international environmental organisation. “By reducing our textile waste and ecological footprint and supporting environmental projects worldwide, we really stay true to the saying ‘Make due and mend’”, Wildmoser says.

For more information on the new deuter-INFINITY series and about 1% for the planet at

www.deuter.com/infiniti and www.onepercentfortheplanet.org

Text: Laura Geigenberger
Pictures: deuter

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