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Dear Readers,

let yourself be fascinated by the diverse possibilities of combining sustainability and socially responsible action with enjoyment and special experiences. We would like to encourage you to try out the almost silent gliding and rapid acceleration of electric vehicles, to enjoy nature as well as regional, artisan specialities and to experience the special charm of tourist regions and guest establishments that are committed to protecting the environment. In short, we want to make practised sustainability palatable to you, and we want to do so without a moralistic finger pointing. To inform you in an enjoyable way, but also to encourage those who already offer their guests and customers ecologically compatible products. So this is a rosy-cheeked „ideal world“ magazine that suggests to its users that the global environmental crisis can be overcome simply by being a little more careful when choosing products, means of transport and travel destinations? Not at all, because we are well aware that no form of mobility, not even electric mobility, can take place without negative impacts on the climate and people. But where we identify positive developments and opportunities, we want to report on them. As objectively as possible, animatingly, sometimes also critically.

You can look forward to current articles on e-vehicles, eco-products, nature experience spaces and culinary delicacies of a special kind. You can also look forward to sustainability portraits of attractive travel regions and – if you don’t mind a bit of tabloid – our celebrity section „Stromern mit…“.

And we look forward to your suggestions, even critical ones, to praise anyway, and to hearing from other people about our special magazine.

With this in mind, we warmly welcome you


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