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With the EcoLut-Center in Engelskirchen in the Bergisches Land, Peugeot had chosen a suitable, because sustainable, location for its press test drive eRange. There was a wide range of electrified models to choose from – from the purely electric e208, the plug-in hybrids 508 and 3008 to the larger electric e2008, which was our special focus.

More striking and larger than the predecessor

Visually, the electric compact SUV with its vertically arranged LED daytime running lights in the striking „sabre-tooth look“ is reminiscent of its smaller brother e208. And like the latter, it is based on the CMP platform, on which the respective conventionally powered versions also stand. Compared to its predecessor, the new 2008 has grown by an impressive 14 centimetres in length, as has the wheelbase, which has increased by almost six centimetres. This increases the space available for passengers, and the load compartment has also grown from 350 to 1,194 litres to 405 to 1,467 litres. The additional space has also been used for the placement of further storage compartments. For example, in addition to the door compartments and the glove compartment, depending on the equipment level selected, items can be stowed in a wide storage compartment between the front seats under the centre armrest. An inductive smartphone charging station, available from the „Allure“ equipment level, is located in the centre console.

The pleasing exterior of the electric 2008 is further enhanced by special design elements that also contribute to the visual differentiation from the versions with combustion engines. The most striking feature is the radiator grille with horizontal applications in the same colour as the bodywork. The lion emblem shimmers more in blue or green, depending on the angle of view.

Distinguishing feature of the electric version: the „radiator grille“ in car colour

Environmental aspects

Despite its growth spurt and the high beltline that gives it a powerful appearance, the e2008 by no means comes across as a swanky emission guzzler. On the contrary, the spacious 2008 with electric drive can credibly convey that the size of a vehicle does not necessarily have to correlate with the level of environmental pollution. In addition to the locally emission-free drive, a number of innovations in the body of the SUV also contribute to the improved efficiency and thus environmental balance. These include a smooth underbody, which contributes to improved aerodynamics, and reduced rolling resistance of the tyres.

The rear is adorned with a glossy black trim in which the LED tail lights are integrated.

Modern infotainment and numerous assistance systems

The interior of the latest generation compact SUV has also been redesigned, with the digital 3D instrument cluster – the world’s first in the SUV segment – being the most striking feature. Together with the compact steering wheel and a large touchscreen, this forms the „i-Cockpit®“. The instrument cluster reacts dynamically to the respective situation and visually highlights relevant information. According to the manufacturer, this „attention catalyst“ reduces the driver’s reaction time by half a second.

The touchscreen is seven inches (17.7 cm) as standard, from the GT trim level upwards it is ten inches (25 cm) and features HD resolution. It sits in the centre of the dashboard above the typical Peugeot piano keys and seven digital buttons. These can be used, for example, to activate navigation or the telephone.

Spacious interior with innovative 3D instrument cluster, touchscreen and Peugeot’s signature „piano keys“.

In addition to the smartphone charging station mentioned above, there are up to four USB ports in the vehicle, depending on the equipment, two of which are at the front, including a fast type C connection, and two for the rear seats. In addition, the smartphone can be controlled via the touchscreen.

Buyers of the e2008 are in part already offered modern driver assistance systems as standard, which are usually only found in higher vehicle segments or equipment lines. These include a lane positioning assistant in conjunction with the automatic cruise control „ACC Stop&Go“, an “Active Safety Brake Plus”, which detects vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists suddenly appearing at any time of day or night and then triggers a collision warning system. Active Lane Keeping Assist reacts from 65 km/h to 180 km/h with progressive counter-steering, and a drowsiness warning system signals when the driver’s alertness is dropping and recommends a break. In addition, a traffic sign recognition system displays stop and one-way signs as well as the beginning and end of overtaking restrictions. The active Blind Spot Assist performs a steering intervention in interaction with the Lane Keeping Assist.

Motorisation and driving modes

The e2008 is powered by an electric motor with an output of 100 KW (136 hp), which develops a maximum torque of 260 Nm immediately from standstill

Three different modes can be selected – even while driving. Eco mode ensures economical consumption and thus the highest possible range. Although the electric SUV reacts rather sluggishly to the operation of the „accelerator pedal“ in this programme, the reduced power is always sufficient for relaxed cruising on country roads. Especially for smooth overtaking manoeuvres or for drivers who want to enjoy the direct torque typical of the e-drive, the Sport mode is a good choice. As a rule, the Normal mode should be the prioritised driving programme, as it represents a good compromise between dynamics and efficiency.

In addition to a moderate driving style and the eco mode, those who want to achieve the longest possible range will choose another option, namely the recuperation mode. While in the preset moderate braking mode the behaviour when “letting off the gas” is similar to that of a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, in the boosted mode, which can be selected via the gearstick lever, the e2008 brakes as soon as the foot is taken off the accelerator. In this way, the braking energy is used to supply the battery with charging current while driving. The greater the mass of the vehicle, the higher the recuperation charge. Especially with the comparatively heavier SUVs, it is therefore advisable to always select the boosted mode. Especially since recuperative braking helps to protect the vehicle’s brake pads.

Precise announcement: you can rely on the time indication

Charging the e2008

Unfortunately, this is not yet a matter of course: all electrified Peugeot models are already equipped with a three-phase charger. While the charging time at a household socket with 1.8 kW and 8 amps is still 24 hours, the charging time with the 11 kW charger at a wallbox or public charging station with 11 or 22 kW is reduced to 5 hours.

At a public fast charging station with 50 kW or 100 kW charging point, the battery is brought from 0 to around 80 percent charge level within 55 minutes or 30 minutes respectively.

The charging process can be programmed via the MyPEUGEOT® app or the touchscreen. You can also start or stop charging at any time and check the status of the battery.

Via Free2Move Services, customers can obtain a charging pass and a „trip planner“ for €4.99 per month, which gives them access to a network of more than 130,000 charging stations in Europe. In addition, information on the stations such as distance, charging speed and price can also be accessed.

Like its internal combustion engine brothers, the e2008 offers plenty of space and driving pleasure

Driving impressions

On the one-hour test drive with the electric 2008 – apart from a short stretch of motorway – we mainly drove along country roads in the hilly Bergisches Land. To say it in advance, the trip turned out to be a real pleasure tour. This was due not only to the charming surroundings, but also to the French Stromer, which, thanks to its low centre of gravity and its taut set-up, was a lot of fun, especially in curves. Speaking of firmness: the seats are of the rather stiffer kind, but at the same time quite comfortable. On the motorway section, the advantages of the dynamic sport mode became apparent when overtaking. If you then move back into the right-hand lane, you can continue cruising in normal mode. We do not consider the 150 km/h speed limit a shortcoming at all, but rather an absolute contemporary feature.


The e2008 electric compact SUV is a spacious but not oversized vehicle with comprehensive equipment and good driving performance. With a base price of 34,361 euros in the basic Active version, the French electric vehicle is a real price/performance champion. All the more so, as the respective price is noticeably reduced thanks to a handsome innovation premium. Last but not least, the extremely lucrative leasing offer from 129 euros per month including 16% VAT also contributes to the attractiveness of the e2008.

It would be nice to have an additional luggage compartment under the bonnet, a so-called „Frunk“, but this space is taken up by the engine and power electronics. This is not a serious flaw, however, but campers in particular will regret the lack of an option to order a trailer hitch for the e-model.

It would also be welcome if Peugeot had given its large electric car a little more range. With a battery of 50 kWh capacity, the maximum range is 320 kilometres according to the current WLTP standard. The e2008 is sometimes called a city SUV, but this implies a questionable restriction to urban areas. Yet this vehicle has the makings of an all-rounder, not least because of its fast-charging capability. With a range of around 400 kilometres, the e2008 would be even more clearly perceived as such. But what is not yet reality will become reality in the not too distant future at Peugeot. By 2025 at the latest, the new eVMP platform developed specifically for electric vehicles in the C and D segments will be available. Then, ranges of up to 650 kilometres will be possible.

For hoteliers, campsite operators or players in the tourism industry, the electric Peugeot e2008 is an excellent choice, not least because of the highly attractive leasing conditions and the wide range of its areas of application. The spacious French electric vehicle can be used as an employee and company vehicle as well as a rental vehicle for guests or as a hotel shuttle. Due to its striking design, it is a real „eyecatcher“ and thus a conspicuous symbol of a destination’s sustainability claim.

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Pictures: Peugeot, last picture: Peter Grett

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