Hauser Excursions presents new anniversary magalogue 2024/25

For generations, the tour operator Hauser Exkursionen has been an example of a somewhat different, independent and responsible type of tourism.

Long-distance travel and expeditions to exotic regions of the world are often a double-edged sword. The problems begin with travelling by plane, continue with carelessly “deposited” legacies and often end with careless interference in foreign, fragile cultures.

Günter Hauser (1928 – 1981), a well-known alpinist and extreme mountaineer, founded Hauser Excursions in 1973 with the aim of opening up the world of technology to people’s sense of wonder, wonder in the face of overwhelming nature, wonder at cultural diversity, wonder at one’s own capabilities and the meaningful nature of camaraderie in small groups. Always cautious, always in dialogue with oneself and others, always at eye level with the local population.

Resting in the camp in front of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Manfred Häupl is leading the company, always true to its principles, into its fiftieth season with the 2024/2025 Magalogue. In the process, the role of Hauser’s soft tourism has continuously evolved. The focus is increasingly on marvelling at the little things; it doesn’t have to be expeditions, multi-day hikes on Spanish shepherd trails or exploring Europe’s last wildernesses by bike as well as experiencing traces of bygone eras on a trip to Tuscany are also part of the programme.

In 2024/2025, Hauser Exkursionen invites you to get to know yourself and the world better and more intensively on fifty journeys around the globe. “Slow trekking” is the key word here, analogous to “slow food”, it is about inner growth, social and ecological compatibility, partnerships and sustainable, regional development.

Resting in the camp in front of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Hauser Exkursionen has been certified with the TourCert label since 2012, which is renewed every year. The trips are undertaken in small groups of up to twelve participants, always led by local guides and organised together with regional partners. The flights are CO2-compensated. The annual magalogue not only provides information about the travel programme, it also reflects on the future of sustainable travel in editorial articles. Hauser Exkursionen won the fairwärts Award from TourCert in 2022 for its Climate Treks in Nepal concept and was one of the three finalists in the German Travel Association’s EcoTrophea competition.

Hauser Exkursionen supports the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Germany, organises tree-planting campaigns and offers trips that include collecting and properly disposing of rubbish.

Text: Werner Köstle
Pictures: Opener Hauser Excursions
Image 1: Hauser Excursions/Explorandes Peru, Image 2: Hauser Excursions/Zbulo! Discover Albania

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