Myssy demonstrates “slow fashion” production at Globetrotter

Over the next few weeks, the pioneers of Myssyfarmi Ltd (Cap Farm) will be touring three cities for five days with their “slowest possible” slow fashion to introduce their unique concept to the public at the Globetrotter outdoor chain in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. 

Transparent ecological and social

Many fashion brands have their products manufactured in faraway countries and cause ecological and social problems there. The small Finnish eco-fashion label Myssy with its hat and cap production on a farm in Pöytyä is different, where traceability is one of the top maxims. Anna and Janne Rauhansuu, the CEO & founder of Myssy, not only emphasise maximum transparency in the supply chain and production processes, they also have a social mission. For example, their company employs a hundred local pensioners who hand-knit accessories from local Finnish sheep’s wool. Being a “myssy granny” gives the ladies a new job, provides them with a community and is a meaningful occupation they can do in their retirement. Through this concept, the founders create regional value and also contribute to the well-being of the social community. The small company now exports its products to 16 countries.

Special wool quality from Finnish sheep

In addition to the craftsmanship, the long-fibre Finnish sheep’s wool also distinguishes Myssy products. It has a special sheen, is soft and is produced, washed and spun by sustainable and certified organic sheep farms in Finland and hand-dyed at Myssy headquarters. Typically, Finnish wool is treated as waste. Myssy, however, revitalises the local wool industry by using Finnish sheep’s wool in products and paying the sheep farms a fair price for their work. This is the only way they can ensure the quality and traceability of their yarns and work to preserve the rare landrace.

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The wool of the Finnish sheep is soft and has a special sheen

Show knitting with the Myssy-Grannies

At the end of November 2022, the award-winning Finnish accessories brand will now bring its “production” exclusively to the Globetrotter shop windows in Munich, Cologne and Berlin. With this, the Myssy team offers interested people the opportunity to look over the shoulder of the knitting ladies at work. “Myssy is still a small brand and we rely on communicating our recipe for success in an eye-catching way. With ‘Knitting in the Shop Window’, we offer them a proper stage to show that their work is valuable to us and to society.” “They enjoy this attention,” tells Anna Rauhansuu, CEO and Creative Director of the brand. “Our concept is an example of maximum transparency, as we can name every sheep, farmer, spinner and knitter in the chain. The ‘Knitting in the Shop Window’ visualises this approach for the public in a media-friendly way. We held a similar event in Helsinki and it was a great success,” says founder Janne, who is also chairman of the Finnish Organic Association and a full-time farmer. The partnership with the German premium outdoor chain Globetrotter was a long-term goal for the brand. This is now the first season that caps will be sold at Globetrotter. “We see this as a promising opportunity for our small but ambitious brand. Germany is one of our best online markets and the Myssy story hits the spot here. We really hope that many people will want to attend our window events and meet us in person,” says Anna. 

Anna, Janne and four Grannies will pass on their know-how at Globetrotter on 23.11. in Cologne, on 25.11. in Munich and on 26.11. in Berlin, each from 4 to 7 pm. 

Text: Peter Grett
Images: Myssy

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