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The Cooper legend comes to life 

The Cooper Bikes brand was born from the Cooper Car Company, the company behind the original Mini Cooper. A brand whose achievements made it a legend. Influenced by John Cooper’s vision, the legend is now coming to life in the Cooper Bikes brand.

For decades, the Cooper name has stood for successful and world-renowned engineering. The brand found its origins in the 1950s and 1960s, when John Cooper and his father Charles developed the first car of their newly founded “Cooper Car Company”. The Cooper 500, a revolutionary rear-engined racing car, was to be the starting point for a fundamental change in motorsport as well as the car industry. In 1961, John Cooper launched the Mini Cooper – the birth of the legend. It is this history of technology and innovation that makes Cooper what it is today. 

Influenced by John Cooper’s vision, the legend is coming to life in the Cooper Bikes brand. Today, Cooper’s focus on technology and innovative engineering is no longer on cars, but on bikes and pedelecs. Cooper e-bikes represent the design and innovation that once made the Cooper brand famous. With new ways of thinking, Cooper Bikes wants to change the urban e-mobility market and provide modern and sustainable locomotion.

In cooperation with the German company TechniBike, Cooper Bikes would like to bring John Cooper’s visions and spirit to life again in the future – the realization of innovative and modern technologies combined in a purist design.

Our vision is to develop the ultimate in urban electromobility

Charlie Cooper

In addition to the use of sustainable and durable materials, such as classic steel frames, and the continuous optimization of the entire production and supply chain, TechniBike GmbH as a manufacturer also enters into a cooperation with Climate Partner and manufactures all products climate neutrally. The Cooper e-bikes are thus also produced in a climate-neutral manner and the CO2 emissions that inevitably occur during production are offset by supporting certified climate protection projects. For the production year 2022, more than 3,585 tons of Co2 could thus be offset. The compensation corresponds to 26,880 saved economy flights from Munich to Berlin or more than 10 million kilometers of travel by car.

This vision is realized in the four new Cooper Bikes models, which are produced and distributed by TechniBike GmbH in Germany. The new Cooper e-bike generation combines state-of-the-art technology with unmistakable British design.

Just like racing cars in the past, Cooper e-bikes are equipped with a rear-mounted motor. Hidden in the rear wheel hub, the compact system combines drive, battery and electronics in one housing. This enables effortless progress in the city and maintains the classic purist design. Thanks to KERS technology, also known from Formula 1, the battery can even be recharged while driving. To maintain the purist design, all bikes are controlled simply by smartphone via the Bitride app instead of via a display.

All models at a glance:

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Cooper Singlespeed | CS-1E

Less is more:

The minimalist design and the classic Reynolds steel frame make the Cooper CS-1E a real eye-catcher in the urban jungle. The puristic design does without superfluous equipment details and the 250W motor is barely visible hidden in the rear hub. Thanks to Gates CDX belt drive, the Cooper Singlespeed is not only almost maintenance-free, but also lets you conquer the city with ease with a weight of under 14 kg.

  • Reynolds steel frame
  • Zehus Bike Gen2 motor, 250W, 40 Nm 
  • Battery integrated in motor, 173 Wh 
  • Gates Carbon CDX belt drive
  • Weight: From 13,7 kg
  • RRP: 2.399 € 

Cooper Randonneur | CR-7E

Time to leave the boundaries of the city: 

The modern Cooper CR-7E in classic appearance and with a beautiful steel frame is your ideal companion for multi-day tours away from the urban jungle. The hidden Zehus engine provides a clean look and thanks to KERS technology is quite a lot of cleverness in the classic: While driving the battery can be charged while braking or driving downhill and the range is thus extended – for long driving fun.

  • Cooper steel frame
  • Zehus Bike Gen2 motor, 250W, 40 Nm 
  • Battery integrated in motor, 173 Wh 
  • Microshift XLE, 7-speed rear derailleur 
  • Weight: From 16,9 kg 
  • RRP: 2.799 € 

Cooper Classic Gents | CG-7E

Automobile history combined in a city e-bike:

The Cooper CG-7E is light, elegant and hardly recognizable as an e-bike. The classic diamond frame made of high quality steel gives the commuter bike a nostalgic old school character, in which quite a lot of technology is hidden: Barely visible, the 250W drive and the complete electronics is hidden in the rear hub and thanks to KERS technology, the battery can be recharged while riding.

  • Cooper steel frame
  • Zehus Bike Gen2 motor, 250W, 40 Nm 
  • Battery integrated in motor, 173 Wh 
  • Microshift XLE, 7-speed rear derailleur 
  • Weight: From 16.2 kg 
  • RRP: 2,499 € 

Cooper Classic Ladies | CL-7E

The ultimate city e-bike for the big city:

Not recognizable as an e-bike at first glance, this lightweight commuter e-bike incorporates a great deal of technical know-how. The fully integrated rear hub motor hides the motor and the battery, which can be recharged while riding thanks to Kers technology – a hybrid drive with range guarantee. Combined with the purist Cooper design with classic steel frame, the Cooper CL-7E attracts all eyes.

  • Cooper steel frame
  • Zehus Bike Gen2 motor, 250W, 40 Nm 
  • Battery integrated in motor, 173 Wh 
  • Microshift XLE, 7-speed rear derailleur 
  • Weight: From 17,5 kg 
  • RRP: 2,499 € 

More information on the Cooper Bikes brand at www.cooperbikes.com

TechniBike GmbH is the exclusive rights holder for the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of Cooper e-bikes. Shares in TechniBike GmbH belong to the LEPPER Foundation.

Text and pictures: Cooperbikes

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