e-trip to southern Sweden

  • Middle Franconia (Bay.) – South Sweden
  • Route via Flensburg – Denmark – Lammhult (S) – Fagerhult (a.d. Kianäs peninsula)
  • Vehicle: Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Report: Tanja Leis
  • Travel time: Juli 2022

Finally the time has come, the long-awaited trip to southern Sweden/Smaland can finally be started. We are on the road with our Hyundai Ioniq 5 on a route of about 1300 km. Our destination is a vacation home by the lake in Lammhult. On board are our 2 cats and my “charging anxiety”.

Our way leads us on the A7 to Flensburg, through Denmark and then to Sweden. The well-known land route with the 2 big bridges. On the one hand the Storebelt Bridge and on the other hand the Öresund Bridge, both are subject to tolls. After the car is loaded and the battery was fully charged in the home garage starts our journey. In advance, we have of course made a charging plan and along the A 7 we had enough opportunities at one of the many Ionity charging stations to recharge our battery. For us it was with charge my Hyundai the cheapest option (0.29 cents/KWH). Even in Denmark and southern Sweden we were well supplied and my fears slowly evaporated.

We reached Lammhult via the E4 highway. From there, we had about 40 km to the next charging possibility in Värnamo. So we could start all excursions with a full battery. 

Unfortunately, our 1st vacation home did not meet our expectations and so we went in search of better accommodation for the 2nd week. We found in Fagerhult on the peninsula Kianäs directly on the lake (kianaes@ferienhausschweden.com). Here, our Swedish dream came true: peace, nature, seclusion and the weather also played along.

The small village of Uranäs nearby could also be the location for one of the famous Astrid Lindgren films. There is also a small farm store, eggs, honey and homemade jams and juices are sold here. Payment is made on a trust basis. That is, you put the money for the purchased things in a drawer – works great. But again back to our 2nd vacation home, called Fuchsbau. The manager Rüdiger Klapschus is one of the nicest hosts I know. On the peninsula there are several cottages in different shapes and sizes. From the log cabin to the typical Swedish house, everything is there. Some houses are located in the forest and most have their own jetty to the lake. If you are interested, you can also rent a fishing boat with or without an electric motor. The necessary fishing license is also available from Rüdiger. From Fagerhult the next charging station is about 30 km away in the village of Högsby. Here we could charge with our Maingau card for 0.79 cents/KWH. The charging time there we could bridge well with a purchase in the local supermarket. It is located right across the street. Our conclusion: even long distances are feasible with the e-car. If you are looking for peace and quiet and love nature, Sweden is the right place for you. We have already booked for next year.


  • The cheapest charging card is the “charge my Hyundai” card, which also includes the Maingau card. Charging on the route mostly at Ionity chargers
  • 16 beautiful vacation homes at: kianaes@ferienhausschweden.com
  • Recommended destinations:
    • Teleborg Castle in Växjö
    • Skullaryd moose park in Eksjö
    • Wooden town of Eksjö
    • Open-air museum Asens by
    • Glass kingdom/glass art from Kosta Boda, Bergdala and Orrefors
    • Aboda Klint nature reserve with Aboda Café and Restaurant
    • Väskervik Archipelago
    • Smaland National Parks
    • Norra Kvill, Smaland primeval forest
    • Asnens, Smaland water world
    • Store Mosse, bog area
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