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After “Cork Collect”, the sustainable outdoor shoe brand Doghammer is now launching a second collection campaign. With the Skifell-Reuse-Challenge, the young Upper Bavarian company wants to save old ski skins from touring skiers from the rubbish and turn them into reused hut shoes. 

Since its foundation, Doghammer has produced shoes from sustainable and natural materials. For this purpose, the company also uses recycled materials such as cork, for which old wine corks are collected from commercial and private partners. More than 2.5 tonnes of old wine corks have been collected in the last two years. For some time now, the Doghammer team has been working on a new campaign to breathe new life into old materials. “With our new collection campaign – Ski Skin Reuse – we are addressing ski tourers who don’t have the heart to dispose of their old ski skins. Usually you associate too many emotions with the skins,” says Maximilian Hundhammer, one of the founders of Doghammer. “As the skins wear out after a few years and show clear signs of use, they end up in the rubbish. They are no longer suitable for ski touring, but they are still good enough for our hut boots,” Hundhammer continues. That’s why Doghammer will be collecting used and old ski skins together with partners such as outdoor shops, alpine clubs and mountain schools from the 2022 winter season onwards, in order to produce unique reused hut boots. 

The original and limited edition will be launched on the market for the winter season 23/24. The highlight is that only one-of-a-kind shoes will be produced. “Visually, the shoes are a real surprise, because we don’t know the colours and patterns beforehand, and what pleases me most is that each fur tells its own story,” says Maximilian Hundhammer. The result is therefore completely open. Doghammer then donates part of the proceeds to a non-profit organisation for the protection of the Alps. 

The unique hut shoes can look like this or similar. Or completely different…

For several years now, Doghammer has been using leftovers from Contour’s ski skin production for its upcycled hut shoes. The surface makes it pleasantly soft for the feet and the shoes are also a real eye-catcher visually. Now comes the next, logical step. The now collected “old skins” are sent to Portugal, sorted in production and, together with other sustainable materials, such as the recycled cork rubber sole or a recycled wool felt, made into Reused hut shoes.

Text: Peter Grett
Images: Doghammer

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