Kawasaki launches first electric models

Kawasaki offers two versions of its first e-motorbike, the Z e-1 and the Ninja e-1. The bikes in the 125 cc class can be ridden with an A1 driving license or the B196 driving license extension from the age of 16.

The performance data is presented accordingly. There are two driving modes, “Eco” and “Road”, as well as the option of extra power output for 15 seconds, called “Boost”. In normal operation, 88 km/h is possible in Road mode and 66 km/h in Eco mode, while the Boost function enables 99 km/h. The continuous rated power is 5 kW. This data is intended to enable operation in an urban environment in particular.

The battery capacity of 3 kWh, which is divided into two removable individual batteries, matches this. This enables a range of approx. 75 kilometers. The charging options are smart, either externally with a charger or via a docking station, or on the bike itself. The batteries weigh around 11.5 kg each and can therefore also be taken into apartments.

The fact that Kawasaki always had the urban user in mind during development is also evident from the fact that a gearshift has been dispensed with and instead a maneuvering aid has been implemented for pushing forwards and backwards, e.g. in tight parking spaces. For the power transmission, Kawasaki has decided against a hub motor; the rear wheel is rotated by a chain in the old-fashioned way.

No expense has been spared in terms of safety; the chassis are taken from our own mid-range motorcycles, including braking technology with ABS. The fact that they still only weigh 135 kg (Z e-1) or 140 kg (Ninja e-1) is probably mainly due to the small battery. This in turn keeps not only the weight but also the costs within limits. Kawasaki has announced that prices will be announced in the very near future.


Text: Werner Köstle
Images: Kawasaki

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