Day 7 Tour Blog for the Special “Experience Slovenia sustainably” – with the Polestar

The last day of our dense programme of visits on our e-motorised tour of Slovenia began late the night before, when the patiently waiting Urša , the estate’s owner turned organic economist, welcomed us with a patient smile shortly before midnight. We moved into our flats and agreed to have breakfast at 9 a.m. the next day, without forgetting that we still had to plug the “Stromer” into the in-house charging station. What progress: an organic country estate with a wallbox! Exemplary for similar destinations in the EU.

Polestar loading
Main house of the estate

Before breakfast, a first reconnaissance tour around the estate and check of the charging status of the Polestar. 410 km range, which should be enough to reach the Austrian border when we leave the organic estate in the afternoon. A good feeling.

Urša Kunz

During our seven-day tour, we always started the day with a very good breakfast. However, breakfast at Urša’s was the icing on the cake of the Slovenian breakfast potpourri. The whole range organic, from their own garden, from the field, from the almond and fruit orchards, plus the oils and ingredients for bread and biscuits. A pleasure at the highest organic level. We are still working on the coffee bean cultivation.

Urša Kunz presentation
Path across the estate and soybean field

After the presentation of the day’s agenda, we pass the sauna house and head directly to the fields. Organic soya for the in-house tofu production first colours ours green. Of course, we can’t walk the seven hectares around the estate in our tight time budget. All the more reason to listen to Urša as she explains the philosophy and implementation of her organic farming and the development of Slovenia in this segment. After an hour and a half tour, Urša drives us by electric car to the neighbouring Lublianca River. It is the associated bathing place of the organic estate. Idyllic, pure tranquillity, and all this in the immediate vicinity of the town centre of Ljubliana.

“finale presto ma non troppo” (soon final, but not too much), that was then the crowning conclusion. Of course, only sipped and not tipped; a “Nutscherl”, as Sepp Zotter would say, a tiny taste. At the end of the Slovenia trip, Black Horse, alias Polestar, was also lucky enough to have found a high-proof girlfriend: the home-distilled organic Whysky called “Black Beauty”. May Black Horse soon introduce us to his white sister. We would already have a pet name for the vehicle. “Snow White”. Let’s have a look.

Last but not least: To be able to experience this beautiful country and some of its places worth visiting, we needed the professional support of helpful and competent personalities: Many thanks to Hannah Fritsche from Uschi Liebl PR and her colleague in Slovenia, Andreja Knific, Timmy Kovac, who provided us with the best information weeks before and during the trip and made it possible for a good friend and his family to listen to Placido Domingo’s concert in Ljublaina, Lutz Duerichen, our childhood friend and professional photographer, constant conversation partner and ping-pong partner when it came to keeping us awake and having fun, the protagonists on our trip, the hoteliers, tourism professionals, entrepreneurs whom we had the pleasure of meeting in personal conversations.

Anna Wesolowski, Polestar’s press officer, who had provided us with the “Black Horse” aka POLESTAR 2 as a faithful travelling companion.

And last but not least, Mrs. Rebeka Kumer Bizjak, Managing Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, without whose support this reportage trip would not have come about.

And now you can look forward to the detailed special “Experience Slovenia sustainably” in the online magazine Touremo.

Your Tourers

Lutz and Elmar

Text: Elmar Thomassek
Pictures: Lutz Dürichen

Destinations: Bio Apartements Trnulja – Munich

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