Iceland, the island of fire and ice, has been experiencing a real tourism boom at least since the rousing performances of its footballers and the Hú battle cries of its enthusiastic fans. Already, there are more and more voices calling for a gentler, sustainable development of the destinations. This includes steering the flow of visitors away from the hotspots towards the smaller places of discovery.

More than in almost any other holiday region, it therefore makes sense to send visitors on an impressive and at the same time particularly environmentally friendly round trip. And that in an electric car.
The tour operator Iceland ProTravel is now offering an attractive rental package in the 2019 summer catalogue in cooperation with its partner Europcar. The tour takes an e-Golf, or alternatively a fully electric Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe, around the island in thirteen days. Included are overnight stays in sustainable establishments that have been awarded the Eco Label of the Icelandic organisation Vakinn ( for their particularly environmentally friendly management.
The eco approach also includes regional cuisine with specialities typical of the country and compensation for the environmental impact of the flight. And even the relaxed, silent glide along the coastal road is entirely without a guilty conscience, as the Icelanders supply 100% of their electricity from geothermal and hydroelectric power. Where else can you experience 0-emissions mobility in such a pure and uncompromising way?
Even the fear of being stranded in rough, lonely terrain for lack of electricity can’t arise on this island trip, as there is a dense network of fast-charging stations along the route. As a result, it is now possible to comfortably circumnavigate the island in an electric car, even with vehicles that have less range. In addition, travellers have the opportunity to recharge their electric vehicles at selected accommodation facilities. The land of the midnight sun at the junction of the continents of Europe and America offers numerous glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and geysers in addition to Tundrian charm and breathtaking fjords. The itinerary also includes a volcano museum and a herring museum, “visits” to large and small marine mammals, and – if luck permits – perhaps even a meeting with trolls and elves. In Norway and Sweden, the partner agency Norway ProTravel also offers trips with the electric vehicle, namely the Tesla Model S.
Depending on occupancy and start date, the round trip costs from 2,475 euros per person, including flight with compensation via Atmosfair, accommodation, rental car and various extras.

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