Marc-André ter Stegen – the Barca star is into e-mobility

Promotion – What many don’t know: The German national goalkeeper and FC Barcelona keeper is a great advocate of sustainability and tries to contribute to a cleaner environment through different measures in his everyday life. For example, he relies on local products, tries to avoid plastic and advocates emission-free transport. And so it is only logical that he drives a fully electric car, the CUPRA Born. When he took delivery of his “Stromer”, the Seat press officers asked him five short questions about what “electrifies” him in his own life.

What has “electrified” you lately, what have you been intensively occupied with lately?

“I am very busy with stretching exercises for my body”, says the goalkeeper. Ter Stegen has started a series of exercises to recover from a knee injury that put him out of action last summer. Through these exercises, he has also taken a lot for himself from this difficult situation: “I have found that this works best for me. I have learned a lot about my body and I want to learn more,” he adds.

What is your favourite place to recharge your battery in winter?

“Andorra, because it’s close by,” he says. “In the past, we often went to Austria. This year, however, we wanted to stay close by because it’s more practical to travel with our son that way.” This is not a difficult task for the CUPRA Born: thanks to its electric range of up to 440 kilometres, driving from Barcelona to Andorra and back is no problem.

And in summer?

“In summer, we like to spend time in Ibiza. And for the same reason: the journey is very short,” says the CUPRA brand ambassador. But for overland travel, “Italy is also very nice”. The German goalkeeper and his family like to travel to warm countries in the summer. So what could be better than driving through southern Europe in an electric vehicle …

Who is the most energised footballer you have ever seen?

“Without a doubt Ousmane Dembelé”, he answers without hesitation. But the goalkeeper can also think of another Barça teammate: “And the player with the most power is Ronald Araújo.” Electrification and power are a perfect combination, as can be seen from the CUPRA Born’s electric output of 150 kW (204 hp).

Where would you drive the CUPRA Born with its range of 440 kilometres?

“I really enjoy driving through Catalonia,” explains ter Stegen. And he adds: “With this range, you can actually go anywhere you want in the region.” Where will you go next? “Probably to the Costa Brava.”

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